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Book Club: Living In Style by Rachel Zoe

If Vogue is a the Bible, Rachel Zoe is the chicest prophet.  This mother of two has a style aura that leaves clean and crisp silhouettes  where ever she wanders.

In her newest book Living In Style, Zoe gives an in-depth look into her life of style and fashion. The pages are filled with stories and pictures that would make anyone want to steal her Rolodex and closet. This coffee table book will never collect dust, as it will serve as a go-t0 manual anytime you step foot in your closet or dream about redecorating a room.


Trinkets to Suit Your Style: Maybe I’m obsessed with this section because at any given moment of the day I am wearing a few of my favorite pieces of jewelry. Currently, I have over ten gold pieces sitting on my desk. This gives a mini guide to what jewelry one would wear divided into style categories: Bohemian Spirit, Chic Minimalist, Fashion Rebel, Drama Queen and Uptown Girl.


Communal Cheer: This section in the home decor part really hit home. I grew up with a close-knit family with friends coming over all the time. Now living in a one bedroom apartment with my fiance, a communal living space is necessary. Whether his brother is staying over for the week or I am have a gab fest with my girlfriends, having a room that can easily transition and fit all of our needs is crucial. Zoe gives great insight of the functionality and joy of having a space shared with friends and family.


Rodger Berman on Giving a Great Toast: Whether I am having a dinner party or taking friends out of a special occasion, I love to toast as a way to celebrate those around me (and I mean who can resist some champagne!). Rodgers advice? Hit on a common theme, surprise everyone, humor always works and read your audience. This page is definitely worth taking note of.



If Rachel Zoe is a prophet, her mission is to make everyone feel confident. Her life may cause envy, but she focuses on the style without the price tag. Confidence is something within that can make your $5 bargain bin sweater the most chic thing  you own.




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