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London Fashion Eye: Timberland vs Dr Martins

As a recent ex-pat living in London I do a lot of walking. While this is a bit of a change from the drive everywhere attitude of living in Los Angeles, I’ve come to love the daily fashion show of street-wear I get to see walking one place or the other—it’s like looking through pintrest but in real life out there!


Timberland Boot                Oxblood Dr Martin

One of the major patterns I’ve witnessed in these walks is the trend towards Dr Martins and Timberland style footwear. I’ve even listened in on people casually debating which of these classic work boots they were going to purchase between the classic Timberlands and a pair of oxblood Docs (the latter of which I am currently coveting). The debate rounded itself out with the purchaser flipping her hair back and exclaiming “You’re right; I’m a Timberland girl at heart.”

While I fall heavily on the Docs side of the debate, the more I see Timberlands marching around town in all its styled variations, the more I am being won over. The fact that Timberland is an American brand I’m falling for in England is an interesting coincidence and probably one of the draws keeping me with Docs. There’s also the fact that while Timberlands generally stay in there classic-variety, yellow comfort zone, Docs span a range of colors and patterned styles.

One of my favorite trends for these rough and tumble boots is pairing them with something softer. They pair perfectly with a pair of tights and a fit and flair or shift dress (with a Peter Pan collar for my styling taste), or a loose blouse tucked into a colored or patterned skinnies with a blazer and some chunky jewelry. It’s a nice balancing act of hard and soft, masculine and feminine.

Plus, in a city that rains as much as London, boys and girls alike need sturdy and cool footwear that doesn’t let out a rubber squeak with every step (sorry Wellingtons!), so getting into either style of book is sure to keep your feet dry and stylish as you navigate the fashionably inclined streets of this amazing city.

–Taylor Gallagher