American Thanksgiving in London.

A week has past since said holiday and I’m still finishing the leftovers of my first self-cooked Thanksgiving—not to mention the first in a country that doesn’t celebrate the holiday.



Thanksgiving is generally centered on the home, family, and food, but this year as a Grad-student in London, the first two were substituted with new friends and three days of cooking in a dorm room kitchen. But food, food we had. (And some of these recipes I’ll post on at later dates!)

We had hand-pressed turkey patties, creamy mashed potatoes and turkey gravy, prosciutto stuffing, sweet potatoes with maple-brown sugar walnuts, four-cheese mac ’n’ cheese, and Parmesan baked vegetables. Plus some store bought rolls and ciders and, for desert, ice cream topped with leftover maple walnuts.


blockEvery holiday has its own brand of styles do and don’ts and living in a country where you actually have to go outside for things like work and/or school on a day when you usually lounge around cooking, eating, watching football, or a combination of these types of events, this can really be a mood killer. After all, I’m not one who will wear Pjs or leggings out of the house, so how do you balance your holiday wear with the actual business of your day?

I start with your basic color pallet; just like Christmas has red and green, Thanksgiving has its own specifications. When you think about it, it’s a fall festival so think yellow, orange and brown tones (I really like the slightly burnt variety!) For me this meant my burnt yellow sweater and Brown booties. So not to go overboard tone wise, I went with a simple black skinny jean (which can easily be swapped for a pair of black leggings once you get down to the home-comfort eating portion of the day!) and, because it was chilly here in London, a simple American classic—the denim jacket. Throw on some simple yet bold accessories like a vibrant statement necklace and you’ll be setting a chic yet utterly relaxed example of how to dress for the holiday or any other day you feel like it throughout the fall and winter months!

So while I was in the minority here celebrating Thanksgiving, I think I had a successful first go at it! So from this Ex-pat to any of you out there listening, enjoy your holidays and stay tuned for more from London.

–Taylor Gallagher

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