Happy New Year! Well, almost…

As we wrap up the 2014 holiday season, most of us have started thinking about the future (such as the immediate future of January and 2015!) as well as looking back at the paths that brought us here. After all, what looks more at your lifestyle than looking at how you want to change it? (Yep, New Year’s Resolution time.)

Thames in London

Thames in London

Looking back, this upcoming year marks a few milestones for me. The end of April will mark 10 years since I graduate middle school (not a big deal for everyone but I went to a small k-8 school where my class—the biggest the school had—maxed out at 38 students who were more like family) which also means September marks 10 years since starting High School and meeting a group of people I still consider some of my best friends.

The beginning of January also marks a year until my London visa deadline. If I’m not employed (substantially) or haven’t run out of money before this deadline, I’ll be heading back home to figure out what I’m doing next and how I’ll be paying off my loans. And it’s looking at these kind of factors that brings me to the always daunting New Year’s Resolutions.

I know most people look at these resolutions as promises you make to yourself that you go back on a few weeks later and when we make promises like “I’m going to go to the gym more” or to overall our lives, we basically set ourselves up to fail.

So I’m sticking with the Resolutions I made last year and change my lifestyle by changing my head-space. This came down to five points:

  1. You Can Only Do You…

Basically, you can’t make other people change; not really. Just get over that now: you are simply not that powerful.

  1. But If You Are Going to Do It, DO IT!

Again, you can’t change others but if there is something you want to do or change about you or your life, stop making excuses.

  1. In the Mean Time, Give Yourself a Break…

If you never take your eyes off the prize, you may never see a better prize that’s more worth your time or a faster way to get to where you want to be.

  1. … And While You’re at It, Stop Hating on People (Especially People You Don’t Know, ie. Celebrities.).

If you get to be let off the hook because you are human and flawed, every one everyone else, so, instead of vowing to go the gym more this year—not that that is a bad thing to do—how about we promise to stop hating on everyone.

  1. …And Finally, Stop Comparing Your Life to Everybody Else’s.

There is only one you and the pace at which you live your life should have nothing to do with a checklist made by anyone else


I’m not saying I’ve been able to keep to these ideals for the whole year, but they’ve definitely changed my life. I’ve gotten rid of some of those friends who dragged me down and didn’t fit anymore and were causing me stress. I moved to London and really focused on figuring out what I want out of my life and, even when things here haven’t gone quite the way I expected, I’ve learned to roll with the punches and embrace being here. I’ll admit that I still read some of the lists people post online about where you should be in your life and when, but I mostly see them as the writers checklist and laugh at what is familiar and those points that are foreign to my life.

This year I’ll be pushing number two to get the most of this upcoming year before hitting my deadline and really look at what my future holds and where it’ll lead me. Basically I’ll be working on procrastinating less in all aspects of my life from school to work (and finding it!) to just going out and doing more—even when it feels too cold to actually be out anywhere!

Anyway, I’d love to hear some of your guys’ resolutions and hope you have a fun, warm, and (most of all) safe New Year’s.

–Taylor Gallagher


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