Peanut Butter Shortbread Cookies!

Well, here it is: the first post of 2015… and just in case you haven’t sworn off sweets (or even if you have) give this a look.

So while most people are promising themselves to stop eating junk and sweats, get in shape, and generally turn their lives around, I’m going to bake and eat too many cookies.

The thing about me and cooking is that I have a few quirks, beginning with my hatred of eating eggs–not eggs baked or cooked into things but eggs by themselves cooked anyway you can. This means, of course, that whenever I get the urge to bake (always late at night when the shops are closed), I never have any eggs so eggless cookies are a must. Which is why I love this Shortbread Cookie recipe that I stumbled on.

All you need is Flour, Baking Soda, Brown Sugar, Butter and Peanut Butter and then anything else from walnuts to chocolate if they are on hand.


Peanut butter shortbread cookies with tea!

I have seriously grown to love shortbread cookies in the four months I’ve lived here. They are crumbly, melt in your mouth, never get hard and quick to prepare.

The other thing about me and baking and cooking is that (especially here) I don’t use measurements but go by feel. The basic set up for these cookies are simple:

  1. Set your oven to 325 Fahrenheit or 162 Celsius to heat.
  2. Mix BUTTER and PEANUT BUTTER in a bowl. This is all the wet ingredients in the whole mixture so you’ll need enough for making the amount of cookies you want. The thing to remember is that this butter mixture can go pretty far too don’t make too much unless you feel like baking for a large group.


    Butter peanut butter mix.

*** for a moderately “healthier” cookie, you can decrease butter, increase Peanut butter and (depending on taste) skip the sugar. The cookies aren’t as sweet but taste great with more protein and less sugar! Swap out most if not all the flour for oatmeal for an extra health kick of you have any on hand (while this no longer works as a shortbread cookie, I have a feeling it will be delicious and a follow up post may occur at a later date)!

  1. I then throw a little BAKING SODA into the mix followed by the FLOUR and BROWN SUGAR into the mix. As you mix, the consistency should stop being sticky enough to grab onto your fingers, but wet enough that you can make balls of cookies or a bar of cookie dough. If it’s too sticky you should add more FLOUR and if the mix isn’t coming together adding moisture (this can be as simple as getting your hands a little wet if you don’t need much or adding a bit of water) in.


    Proper texture

  2. Add mix-ins—these are peanut butter shortbread cookies so think about what mixes well! Because there are no eggs or ingredients you can’t eat as they are,
  3. Break the dough into the size you want your cookies (mine have never grown while baking so don’t worry about that in placement or sizing) and place them on a cookie sheet. I slightly flatten my cookies for that reason as well.


    Before cooking

  4. Put the cookies in the oven and cook for 12-14 minutes (depending on size). They should not brown (this definitely means over cooked), but should be firm enough that they hold when you lift them off the baking sheet.



  5. All cookie recipes tell you to let the cookies set and cook for five minutes before you eat them, but I’ve never made a batch where the first two have ever lasted that long—so good luck with the cool down and careful with your fingers!

My total time making this batch was 40 minutes.

Anyway, these are seriously the easiest cookies I’ve ever made (a pro and a con all mixed into one) and you can add to them after they are baked as well. If you go the no sugar cook option and end up with a sugar craving, try spreading on some caramel or Nutella or both and you’ve got yourself quite the treat! I also like this less sweet option as an easy biscuit with my tea… great for a quick grab no matter the time of day.

So hope that made sense and enjoy your cookies (in any variety of cookie you make)!

–Taylor Gallagher


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