My Style Inspiartion Wish List

This week I’ve been in a lull… My grad school final papers are in and the new semester has started up again as my body tries to recover from being overworked (both physically with lack of sleep and mentally writing large scale papers which meant reading a lot more much longer winded papers to inform my writing).

Basically, I am bone tired and trying to build myself up to do much more work…. that’s what this weekend will be for–gaining strength.

Bring on the easy to make soup (if you’ve been following me, you know this is made in advanced by scratch–recipe to follow, maybe!), my neglected Netflix queue and some good old-fashioned me time with my down comforter (or in my case, both of them… So, sue me, it’s really cold here!).

But being a student, I am not only feeling the after effects of finals, but I am broke and severely missing the affordable shops of SoCal (Target withdrawl is a real thing, People!). With that in mind, I say Thank God for Pintrest, the most guilt free shopping I’ve ever had–cause I’m not buying anything, but mentally improving my style one pin at a time!

Here’s what I’m craving right now (and I can definitely tell, the UK is having an effect):

(click the Picture to link to the pin and place where I found these examples!)

The Cape Look:

Fall Fashion 2014. I'm so obsessed with this cape! Love the mix of stripes and nude color. ::M::

   I have fallen in Love with this style of coat. While I’m more than happy with my peacoat and the new supper warm and fluffy down coat (It’s really cold, as I’ve mentioned!), having something in a new silhouette is a great way to mix things up. Just be aware of the measurements if you do get one, especially if you are petite. You want to be warm and look good so don’t drown yourself in hug bulk– for your size (and not just the one on the tag!) to the style you select.

   I think I have a renewed love for this since I’ve picked up the BBC series “The Musketeers” (airing on Fridays at 9pm). While the uniform tends to be a leather shoulder guard, the blue capes worn by the musketeers on official business are simply versatile cape jackets! And they are sooo cute!



The (Peter Pan) Collar (Shift) Dress:


To tell the truth, I’ve been obsessed with this look for years and my love for Clara Oswald (BBC’s current companion in Doctor Who) as a character and as one of my main fashion icons has definitely fueled this obsession.

Whether it’s this A-line body and elongated collar or a closer cut, fit and flare body with your basic round collar, there’s just something so darling about this look. It’s simple and yet versatile–dressed up as shown here or paired with tights, chucks or booties and a sweater or hoodie for day to day wear, you are bound to make a statement.

A dress like this is on my must buy list for before I leave London.

And Everything Plaid/Tartan:

Plaid Pants in green and blue. #tartanOMG so cute! <3 need this as soon as possible.jacketThi looks perfect in our Coincidence & Chance Collared Babydoll Dress with a pair of black ankle boots. #UOonYou

Yes, absolutely everything plaid (well, tartan really). It’s just such a great print (and yes, I’m right near those areas where this print has a lot of cultural significance). Here are only a few exaples. Thrown in a few long coast, sweaters, shirts, and scarves and I think we will have covered most of my needs. my favorits are probably the pencil skirt and the dress but, to be honest, I’d take any and all!


Well, there you have it, my top three style must haves. So if you’re a bit broke like me: Happy pinning and let me know what things you are currently keep your eye on!

–Taylor Gallagher


2 thoughts on “My Style Inspiartion Wish List

  1. Your style inspiration is my style inspiration. It may not be what is trending but it is the most classic pieces anyone can go with.

    I’d love if you checked out my blog 🙂

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