Find of the Week!

I feel like it’s been a while since I’ve done a fun post and amidst the craziness of my balancing acts that I discussed last week, I did do something fun for myself this week:

I found a store I was actually able to buy something in!

I know, my bar for entertainment is low (case and point: it’s Friday night and I am sitting, watching Netflix and BBC’s Musketeers while writing this post and eating chocolate–it is freezing outside and my pjs are comfortable, however, so I will not apologize for my glamour free life!), but as a valley girl who is use to weekly trips to target and the always affordable trips to the fashion center/mall, finding one store in this town that is simple, cute, easily accessible, and has options in my price range is a major accomplishment–or at least it feels like one!

Living here for four months, this was the second time I’ve been able to go shopping and as a bonus, I was able to check one of my *must buys/wish list* items and just in time for my birthday.

Yes. It’s been a good week.

Birthday options with my  *Oliver Bonas Dress*

Birthday options with my *Oliver Bonas Dress*

The truth is I’ve been walking past Oliver Bonas Sale store for about as long as I’ve lived here (it’s on my way to campus) and Wednesday after a very successful meeting with one of my internship advisors, I just had to go in.

While the fact that the sale was the real reason I could afford (and chose to buy) anything, taking a look in one of these stores if you happen to be strolling by is worth the look.

I’ve found a few fun books I may pick up later for souvenirs, cute things to decorate with if I move here on a more permanent basis and (of course) sale items which aren’t only super cute and easily wearable, but that stick around until they’re in my price range!

The stores are bright and clean and the woman working was extremely personable. Even if I was having a terrible day, this would have been my pick me up and is one place I will be stopping in again and again.

–Taylor Gallagher


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