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One heel of a pain

I apologize for the pun, but I have to make this quick but I have to run out the door soon for my final stop of reading week.

When packing last week I mentioned boots as a great option believing that there was going to be rain. What I forgot to mention was always pack shoes you would swear your life on will not kill your feet and don’t just research the weather but the area you’ll be covering as well.

As it turns out, Paris and Lyon, while beautiful cities, have another thing in common besides the country they are situated in: HILLS!! (and not little ones…)

While I knew my boots would hold up better than most my other shoes walking around as much as I do on a trip, not taking the terrain and slip factor into account, we’ll just say my feet are angry.

So, what have I learned?

No matter where you are going, pack a good pair of tennis shoes/workout shoes. there functional and are strangely trending even in the fashionable regions of the world.

Also, your feet will thank you!

–Taylor Gallagher


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