Travel Day Fashion: Leggings

At the Trains. Amsterdam train station, amsterdam, Holland. June 2015.

At the Trains. Amsterdam train station, amsterdam, Holland. June 2015.

If you’ve been reading leave on the wind of following my Instagram (search gallatay and look for the tulle!), you’ll know I’m on the road again… Though I’m actually writing this on my last day before heading back to London and real life.

It’s been one hell of a whirlwind of adventure but it’s definitely redefined how I travel and dress for said travel.

Just like many of you, I know I’ve pinned many an outfit on Pinterest covering bloggers and celebrities travel fashion, oohing and awing over the simple sophistication that I’ve never been able to truly replicate knowing I’d be stuck in a train or plain for hours on end. Simply not happening.

And I’ve always been firmly in the ‘leggings are not pants’ camp of fashion lovers and in my day to day life, I still adhere to this mantra. But traveling is a different matter altogether.

This trip, I was only meant to be with my family for about eleven days including travel days to get to and away from them. However, this was quickly extended to seventeen days with clothing that already had to double up days.

I’m learning just how durable my clothes are (and aren’t!).

But back to my original point:

I’m learning to love my leggings.

If I’m honest, I’ll admit that I’ll never be truly comfortable wearing leggings as pants–too many things can go wrong for us pear shaped girls from runs to material going sheer when stretched too far which feels almost inevitable.

Now that I’ve found a pain from Primark in London, however, which are the perfect combination of legging and sweatpants–formfitting with stretch yet lined for warmth and heft–sheer fabric isn’t much of a worry.

Still, I don’t need my booty out on display in this still accident prone material.

So with limited resources on this trip, I’ve been exploring this paradigm between travel style and comfort.

My results?

Keep the bottom simple (black leggings with biker boots is my go to–cute and saves room in my luggage) and give the top interest with layers that brings people focus up to your face.

I always make sure the bottom layer is at least a few inches beneath my hind end for comfort and shifting when material weather this me a baby doll length dress or an overlong/oversized tee. Then I top this off with an oversized (but not tent like!) sweater or button up, weather depending. Add a detail like a necklace or scarf to bring dimension and attention up with some contrast

This is all a balancing act: tight bottoms, loose top; sleek neutral bottom, play with texture and colors on top.

Just remember: you are traveling so if you can’t run around in it or even sleep in it, you probably won’t want to wear it like you have to!

Another bottom alternative is a maxi skirt but there are some serious cautions for this choice. When carrying baggage, the skirts can annoyingly tangle in your legs or trip you up. Also if you are short like me, getting bags up and down from baggage areas can be an athletic feet with serious climbing and leg moves–keeping Your legs from excess material to (again) trip all over is going to be your best trip.

And for a final note, leggings tend to hang dry faster than sturdier materials like denim so you can pack less and wash quickly which is always a plus.

Don’t know how much will be going on after this next week with my visitors, but feel free to check out my Instagram for more up to the minute updates! Here’s the link again:

–Taylor Gallagher

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I’ll wear you to death:

A shoe lover’s story.

Old boots on the left and New on the right.

Old boots on the left and New on the right.

Hi, my name is Taylor and I fully admit to having a shopaholic personality.

Yes, I love to shop—after months of living in London, I went to an actual mall a few weeks back to help a friend shop (I didn’t even buy anything!) and simply walking around was inspiring new outfit ideas and made me feel a little closer to home.

What can I say, I’m a valley girl at heart.

Despite this disposition, I have trained myself not only to not mindlessly consume, but consume only the basics I really need (undergarments, tee-shirts, jeans, ect) and things that I absolutely love.

Unfortunately, this means that I have a habit of wearing things to death—sometimes past this point.

Nowhere has this been more evident that in my recently departed studded biker boots purchased from Target about two and a half year (YEARS!) back.

These were honestly the perfect shoe.

They were black leather (probably not real but…) with buckles and studs. They gave a fun jingle like cowboy spurs which made me smile as I walked. They cut an inch below my calf—higher than a bootie lower than my wide calves which defy a high boot—and had a loose top which didn’t cause issues when my jeans inevitably bunched within them. They were light weight and perfectly broken in after only a few wears. They were perfectly happy to trudge through all kinds of weather, all types of roads and all kinds distances. And, they cost less than 25 dollars.

Like I said, the perfect boot.

However, over the last two or three months of constant wear, these beautiful lovelies have become more super glue than boot. They’ve taken on water, rocks nestled in the holes in the heels, and at long last, I can not only stick my hand from one side of the boot (between the fabric and the rubber sole) to the other but tug pass my sock along the way.

So yes, I’m sitting here in Austria and I know it’s time (my mother’s laughter at the shoes pathetic state helped a bit as well…).

Hence this little tribute which says goodbye to the little shoes that could (seriously these shoes hiked miles and at least a year past their expiration date) and hello to the up priced boots that will hopefully live up to them.

Sailing in from Portugal with a price tag (on sale) for triple the price, these boots may not have all the studs, history, or pant-bunching space, but with a sturdy build and exciting visual texture, I’m hopeful for a new favorite!

So (a very fond) farewell to the old and many hellos to the new, this shopaholic has found her shoes.

–Taylor Gallagher

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Fancy-Dress Bowling Style…

…and a little more on the boat party that wasn’t. So as promised on Tuesday and the epic tale of the missed boat adventures, here is outfit that launched a million(alright not quite…) smiles and strange looks across London (if you missed the full story, check out When you miss the boat…). A few posts back I wrote up a review on the shopping site Chicwish, mainly focused on the two tulle skirts I was pumped about ordering. Well, they not only came in quickly but they are just as much fun as I hoped they would be. And, yes, I am actually wearing both of these skirts in the picture!

Boat party dress... or not. London, England. May 2015.

Boat party dress… or not. London, England. May 2015.

I absolutely adore this Amore tulle skirt because it is so versatile—a feature you wouldn’t expect from a tulle skirt! Most of this versatility comes from the skirts construction: two layers of tulle over the darker base lining all cut in a basic A-line pattern which means that while this skirt has some natural volume, for the most part it lies flat. This means that wearing this to work, on the tube, around the city is just as easy and space consuming as any other skirt you could pick to wear—bigger skirts, for example, can make sitting down a major pain! When you are planning on making a party sized fashion statement, however, a bigger skirt may be exactly what the doctor ordered. Which brings us to my lovely Lavender mini. While this piece is a little less versatile for me—I am personally not a miniskirt at the office girl!—it does a great job double tasking as a beautiful weekend choice and a great substitute for a petticoat when worn at the hips. So yes, two skirts helped me make the above outfit totaling at about £50—£26 and £24 respectfully—which isn’t bad considering I didn’t have to construct them myself and taking Stacy and Clinton (What Not to Wear)’s ‘cost per wear’ into account. Still, with that kind of price tag, keeping the rest of your outfit on the cheaper side is always a good thing, if you can’t simply use what you have on hand, that is.

My Rory Gilmore styled go bag. London, Engalnd. May, 2015

My Rory Gilmore styled go bag. London, England. May, 2015

I got the black crop top (here’s a great design they didn’t have at my store but would be a great substitute!), belt, and hair flower at H&M which totaled out at less than £12. When it comes to your top, H&M and most other stores have different cuts, materials, and colors to choose from. For this look, it was important to get something that hugged my curves to offset the fullness of the skirt, in a complementary neutral color—black was perfect with the black belt and unlike a pale pink which would have matched the tulle nicely, black doesn’t show dirt or sweat from running around all night like a light shirt would have—and in a simple material that wouldn’t compete with the tulle—there are a lot of cute lace and knit tops but unless you are willing to pay loads for quality, they’ll probably just clash!

Devils in the Details. London, England. May, 2015.

Devils in the Details. London, England. May, 2015.

The rest of my outfit from heels and flats (both Target—the heels are from Massimo and cost me $15 last summer, look interchangeable with a variety of designer/boutique shoes still being sold but for at least double that price, and are very easy to run around in!) and jewelry I happened to have on hand but to get this look, just throw on what makes you comfortable and a (shiny) costume necklace that looks elegant, simple and brings attention up to your face. I top this off with an easy and fresh faced makeup design with rose-gold to bronze smokey eye with an exaggerated winged liner. To glam this up further, I lined my lower lashes, the inner corners of my eyes and just under the winged edge of the liner using the same shimmering gold ELF eye-shadow pencil I used for the gold part of the rose-gold lids. Because of the attention to my eyes, I kept the rest of my face simple forgoing any heavy concealer for a nice oil free face lotion—tinted BB Cream works just as well—and coral lipstick and blush blended with a touch of bronzer as a slight cheekbone contour. Another great makeup style for this look—which I’ll be doing next time—is to go full 50s style with a neural smokey eye, keeping the exaggerated cat eye, and a bold red lipstick (just be sure to either buy a brand that stays, fades well, or be willing to reapply throughout your night out!). Pair this with a leather moto-jacket rather than a cardigan, and you’ll make quite the statement! One last thing that I have to say about this outfit (or others like it) is that if you decide to go out on the town in it—even if you aren’t running across bridges and flashing tourists you pj shorts—be ready to draw attention to yourself. While the club boys trying to chat me up while I was trying to drink my cider and sing along to my girl T-Swift, even those who said truly nice things about the outfit before getting creepy, were a bigger pain than I needed, it was the people on the streets both during the day and walking home that made the outfit for me. From little girls with wide eyes to the security guards with their slight nods and small smiles I passed in the slight drizzle of late night London, knowing you look a little like a princess in the land of miniskirts is kind of a fun feeling. And no judgement on miniskirts—sometimes being a princess is just more fun!

–Taylor Gallagher

P.S. For inquiring minds, Cal’s excuse for forgetting to get me was something about a curling iron and other disasters which I didn’t fully understand during my Tuesday post. Apparently—from other reliable sources—there was a ripped dress incident and a last minute hair curler replacement errand which caused quiet the fuss—ie the disasters—but Cal really was fixing his hair and curls before he got distracted by everything else—the boy was lending girls HIS hairspray before they left. Nothing wrong with a man caring enough to put the effort in, but the explanation of all the disasters felt like a story worth sharing!