Fashion, Shoes

I’ll wear you to death:

A shoe lover’s story.

Old boots on the left and New on the right.

Old boots on the left and New on the right.

Hi, my name is Taylor and I fully admit to having a shopaholic personality.

Yes, I love to shop—after months of living in London, I went to an actual mall a few weeks back to help a friend shop (I didn’t even buy anything!) and simply walking around was inspiring new outfit ideas and made me feel a little closer to home.

What can I say, I’m a valley girl at heart.

Despite this disposition, I have trained myself not only to not mindlessly consume, but consume only the basics I really need (undergarments, tee-shirts, jeans, ect) and things that I absolutely love.

Unfortunately, this means that I have a habit of wearing things to death—sometimes past this point.

Nowhere has this been more evident that in my recently departed studded biker boots purchased from Target about two and a half year (YEARS!) back.

These were honestly the perfect shoe.

They were black leather (probably not real but…) with buckles and studs. They gave a fun jingle like cowboy spurs which made me smile as I walked. They cut an inch below my calf—higher than a bootie lower than my wide calves which defy a high boot—and had a loose top which didn’t cause issues when my jeans inevitably bunched within them. They were light weight and perfectly broken in after only a few wears. They were perfectly happy to trudge through all kinds of weather, all types of roads and all kinds distances. And, they cost less than 25 dollars.

Like I said, the perfect boot.

However, over the last two or three months of constant wear, these beautiful lovelies have become more super glue than boot. They’ve taken on water, rocks nestled in the holes in the heels, and at long last, I can not only stick my hand from one side of the boot (between the fabric and the rubber sole) to the other but tug pass my sock along the way.

So yes, I’m sitting here in Austria and I know it’s time (my mother’s laughter at the shoes pathetic state helped a bit as well…).

Hence this little tribute which says goodbye to the little shoes that could (seriously these shoes hiked miles and at least a year past their expiration date) and hello to the up priced boots that will hopefully live up to them.

Sailing in from Portugal with a price tag (on sale) for triple the price, these boots may not have all the studs, history, or pant-bunching space, but with a sturdy build and exciting visual texture, I’m hopeful for a new favorite!

So (a very fond) farewell to the old and many hellos to the new, this shopaholic has found her shoes.

–Taylor Gallagher


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