Travel Day Fashion: Leggings

At the Trains. Amsterdam train station, amsterdam, Holland. June 2015.

At the Trains. Amsterdam train station, amsterdam, Holland. June 2015.

If you’ve been reading leave on the wind of following my Instagram (search gallatay and look for the tulle!), you’ll know I’m on the road again… Though I’m actually writing this on my last day before heading back to London and real life.

It’s been one hell of a whirlwind of adventure but it’s definitely redefined how I travel and dress for said travel.

Just like many of you, I know I’ve pinned many an outfit on Pinterest covering bloggers and celebrities travel fashion, oohing and awing over the simple sophistication that I’ve never been able to truly replicate knowing I’d be stuck in a train or plain for hours on end. Simply not happening.

And I’ve always been firmly in the ‘leggings are not pants’ camp of fashion lovers and in my day to day life, I still adhere to this mantra. But traveling is a different matter altogether.

This trip, I was only meant to be with my family for about eleven days including travel days to get to and away from them. However, this was quickly extended to seventeen days with clothing that already had to double up days.

I’m learning just how durable my clothes are (and aren’t!).

But back to my original point:

I’m learning to love my leggings.

If I’m honest, I’ll admit that I’ll never be truly comfortable wearing leggings as pants–too many things can go wrong for us pear shaped girls from runs to material going sheer when stretched too far which feels almost inevitable.

Now that I’ve found a pain from Primark in London, however, which are the perfect combination of legging and sweatpants–formfitting with stretch yet lined for warmth and heft–sheer fabric isn’t much of a worry.

Still, I don’t need my booty out on display in this still accident prone material.

So with limited resources on this trip, I’ve been exploring this paradigm between travel style and comfort.

My results?

Keep the bottom simple (black leggings with biker boots is my go to–cute and saves room in my luggage) and give the top interest with layers that brings people focus up to your face.

I always make sure the bottom layer is at least a few inches beneath my hind end for comfort and shifting when material weather this me a baby doll length dress or an overlong/oversized tee. Then I top this off with an oversized (but not tent like!) sweater or button up, weather depending. Add a detail like a necklace or scarf to bring dimension and attention up with some contrast

This is all a balancing act: tight bottoms, loose top; sleek neutral bottom, play with texture and colors on top.

Just remember: you are traveling so if you can’t run around in it or even sleep in it, you probably won’t want to wear it like you have to!

Another bottom alternative is a maxi skirt but there are some serious cautions for this choice. When carrying baggage, the skirts can annoyingly tangle in your legs or trip you up. Also if you are short like me, getting bags up and down from baggage areas can be an athletic feet with serious climbing and leg moves–keeping Your legs from excess material to (again) trip all over is going to be your best trip.

And for a final note, leggings tend to hang dry faster than sturdier materials like denim so you can pack less and wash quickly which is always a plus.

Don’t know how much will be going on after this next week with my visitors, but feel free to check out my Instagram for more up to the minute updates! Here’s the link again:

–Taylor Gallagher


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