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Organizing Life.

Or trying is just one more of this years goals.


In case you haven’t read this weeks travel post, I’m currently in Paris after having graduated from grad school in London and then next week I fly out to Philadelphia for three (!) job interviews.

All of this is happening, of course, after my nieces birth and between a million and one calls, emails, ect. which have to be made or returned and appointments that need to be made and kept.

Overall, this year (a pretty big year which is only a month in!) is crazy.

So my plan for any busy millennial on the go just trying to keep up with life is the Buy a planner.

And yes, I know we are all predominately attached to our phones which have tons of maps to schedule our lives in to and THEY will send us notifications just in case we forget something in all the madness.

Yet, if you are anything like me, this sometimes falls to the wayside; or you forget to schedule something; or your phone died/is lost/got stolen/ect.; or any of the many issues that can happen with technology. Plus, physically writing things down can help you remember them in detail and you can show off (or work on) that amazing penmanship you won’t be embarrassed of when you have to leave a quick and legible note for your boss!

And when said planner that you will take absolutely everywhere – speaking from experience here – is as cute as this Sugar Paper beauty (this is the one I have!), Why wouldn’t you want to take it everywhere.

I love everything about this planner.

I’m a huge Kate Spade fan but living on a seriously shoe string budget, so looking through Target’s Sugar Paper collection filled with stripes and poke-a-dots sent me over the moon.

It also features a emergency contact form, folders to stick loose papers in, note sections, to do lists organized for both weeks and months across multiple topics like financial goals and calls to make, and more than I can write about here. I am absolutely in love!

More importantly, I’m actually making progress on the majority of my goals.

I’m not that far in but being an adult can get complicated – why not make it easier? That’s what I think at least.

According to the site, these planners aren’t carried in Target stores anymore, however, I’d check out what is available and there are so many chic planners out there – try your local bookstores; they need the help! – you really can’t go wrong!

-Taylor Gallagher

P.S. This was meant to post last night but despite scheduling, there were complications so what can you do right?



Running… from Zombies

This week has been the epitome of stressful but luckily I have zombies in my life.

Well, at least the digital kind.

At the beginning of this year I downloaded the british made app Zombie Run to help encourage me to get back into the swing of working out.

Now, I am NOT a runner. I played waterpolo in highschool and was a swimmer before that so I’m fine in water but dry land and I are not simpatico. Then in the six years since waterpolo I’ve been pretty in and out of workouts, sometime with more effect than others.

Since downloading this app, however, I’ve run 3 days a week for almost a month not, and not just simple runs! Today I ran 3 miles in 40minutes thanks to this app!

This app is made up not only audio missions but training programs – I’m training for a 10K now.

Each audio mission pushes you to keep moving with a mix of storyline and music from your playlists. Then of course there are the Zombie chases. This is a setting where you must increase your speed by 20% for an unspecified amount of time while the zombies are on your tail. I haven’t used this setting yet but I will be soon enough.

So for anyone – runner or not! – who wants a little extra motivation, say for that New Years resolution, this app is one I cannot recommend enough. You can do some features for free but the whole app is available for $20 for the entire year! Not a bad commitment to make, right?

ANyway, life is flying now – I have two trips these next two weeks – but with the help of a few zombies and a radiotower operator named Sam, this year looks to be starting out well!

More to come on my life and trips but for now, have a great week!

-Taylor Gallagher

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Thundercats are GOOOOO!!!

As Juno so lovingly put it.

This will be very quick as I thought I’d have more time.

Todays Lifestyle is baby’s as by tonight I will be a first time aunt.

I’ve always loved the stories of gifts that grow with a child like an email address that the parents send notes and pictures to that they then gift the kid at 18.

But among my sisters (not including the pregnant one), there are two of us who studied writing and another who studied animation so here is what I’m thinking:

With a birthday so close to Christmas, this kid is going to be swarmed with toys once a year, so as an alternative (with maybe something smaller) I plan on publishing small books of this kids adventures (Tommy Pickles style) based on what happened during the year prior.

This will start out as the stiff cardboard version and progress as the kid does. A great gift for looking back and a treat for the parents as well.

That’s it til next time!

-Taylor Gallagher


A New Year and Brussels Sprouts…


So I’m back to this side of my blog (thank goodness and a long time overdue!) looking at my blog resolution(s) and a recipe for my famous parmesan brussels sprouts.

First things first, my resolution/goal for this year (written down so I cannot back out) is to have both my blogs updated weekly marking travel Tuesdays and everything lifestyle Thursdays. The second half of these goals is that the posts will be written up at the latest by the Sunday before – I’m trying to avoid Blog deadline stress, guys, as theere are enough things inlife to be stressing over!

So onto Brussels Sprouts.

First a short  bit of backstory, but actually short as I know how recipe blogs tend to go on and on.

A few years back I was trying to find new ways of getting great greens into my diet and these little green bulbs suddenly appeared in my weeks groceries. And as is the case with practically any veggie, cheese felt like just the right way in.

Most of my family and friends has always detested brussels sprouts – they are green, have an odd texture which doesn’t always get better with cooking and can smell funny, so I understood perfectly – however, these now have been dubbed the “gateway drug” of brussels sprouts. I always end up having to cook two batches as the first will undoubtedly be finished off before anything else hits the table!

They end up with a nice french fry consistency but with out all the starch of a potato and match with so many different dishes. So, with out further ado:


you’ll need:

  • Bag of brussels sprouts (fresh or mostly defrosted and dried)
  • Olive oil of your choice
  • finely ground (powder!) parmesan cheese
  • shredded parmesan cheese (optional for topping)
  • large mixing bowl, good knife, baking sheet with sides


  1. Preheat the oven to 350F – best if this has a broiler function.
  2. Cut brussle sprouts into quarters or smaller wedges, cutting so that the hard base keeps each wedge solid.
  3. Toss cut sprouts the bowl with enough olive oil and ground parmesan to full coat – the powdered parmesan is the best here because it gets between layers and bakes well rather than becoming stringy cheese which ends up sticking to the pan rather than the vegetables.
    • most of this recipe is to taste and feel so how much is dependant on the person but more of each is nice if you aren’t a fan of these guys to start with.
  4. Throw the coated sprouts onto the cooking tray in as close to a single layer as you can and they’re ready to go into the oven.
  5. Cook for 15 minutes then pull them out, flip them over and rearrange them before they go in for another 15 minutes. You may want to add some more oil and cheese if they seem to need it or if they’re looking dry
  6. Next, test a wedge. Most likely you’ll need another 15 minutes after you flip them to get the right consistency – this moving allows the sprouts to cool slightly and settle between each cooking session so keep it to 15 minutes each. Once again feel free to add more oil and cheese as needed.
    • If you are working with frozen sprouts, they will take longer to get any real crust and tend to appear almost soggy – this is why I say to dry them out as much as possible.
  7. You’ll repeat this process until the brussels sprouts are soft in the middle and starting to get a little flaky and brown spots on the outside. Frozen takes 5 to 6 flips but fresh are pretty perfect after the thrid.
  8. While flipping them once they feel about done, turn on the broiler (about 550F) and toss on shredded parmesan if desired.
    • shake pan so that you do not have a thick layer of cheese or you’ll have cooked/ burned cheese but not a finished crust!.
  9. Finally, put the tray back in for about 3 minutes but keeping a close eye on if. this is the easiest step to mess up as they can burn easily but if timed right, you’ll get a nice crunch while eating.
  10. Once satified, pull the tray out and give them a last toss then let them sit out for 5 minutes (if you can!).
  11. Eat and enjoy!

This is a recipe you can really use on any veggies and goes great with practically anything you’d pair a vegetable with.

-Taylor Gallagher