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Thundercats are GOOOOO!!!

As Juno so lovingly put it.

This will be very quick as I thought I’d have more time.

Todays Lifestyle is baby’s as by tonight I will be a first time aunt.

I’ve always loved the stories of gifts that grow with a child like an email address that the parents send notes and pictures to that they then gift the kid at 18.

But among my sisters (not including the pregnant one), there are two of us who studied writing and another who studied animation so here is what I’m thinking:

With a birthday so close to Christmas, this kid is going to be swarmed with toys once a year, so as an alternative (with maybe something smaller) I plan on publishing small books of this kids adventures (Tommy Pickles style) based on what happened during the year prior.

This will start out as the stiff cardboard version and progress as the kid does. A great gift for looking back and a treat for the parents as well.

That’s it til next time!

-Taylor Gallagher


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