Running… from Zombies

This week has been the epitome of stressful but luckily I have zombies in my life.

Well, at least the digital kind.

At the beginning of this year I downloaded the british made app Zombie Run to help encourage me to get back into the swing of working out.

Now, I am NOT a runner. I played waterpolo in highschool and was a swimmer before that so I’m fine in water but dry land and I are not simpatico. Then in the six years since waterpolo I’ve been pretty in and out of workouts, sometime with more effect than others.

Since downloading this app, however, I’ve run 3 days a week for almost a month not, and not just simple runs! Today I ran 3 miles in 40minutes thanks to this app!

This app is made up not only audio missions but training programs – I’m training for a 10K now.

Each audio mission pushes you to keep moving with a mix of storyline and music from your playlists. Then of course there are the Zombie chases. This is a setting where you must increase your speed by 20% for an unspecified amount of time while the zombies are on your tail. I haven’t used this setting yet but I will be soon enough.

So for anyone – runner or not! – who wants a little extra motivation, say for that New Years resolution, this app is one I cannot recommend enough. You can do some features for free but the whole app is available for $20 for the entire year! Not a bad commitment to make, right?

ANyway, life is flying now – I have two trips these next two weeks – but with the help of a few zombies and a radiotower operator named Sam, this year looks to be starting out well!

More to come on my life and trips but for now, have a great week!

-Taylor Gallagher


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