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Organizing Life.

Or trying is just one more of this years goals.


In case you haven’t read this weeks travel post, I’m currently in Paris after having graduated from grad school in London and then next week I fly out to Philadelphia for three (!) job interviews.

All of this is happening, of course, after my nieces birth and between a million and one calls, emails, ect. which have to be made or returned and appointments that need to be made and kept.

Overall, this year (a pretty big year which is only a month in!) is crazy.

So my plan for any busy millennial on the go just trying to keep up with life is the Buy a planner.

And yes, I know we are all predominately attached to our phones which have tons of maps to schedule our lives in to and THEY will send us notifications just in case we forget something in all the madness.

Yet, if you are anything like me, this sometimes falls to the wayside; or you forget to schedule something; or your phone died/is lost/got stolen/ect.; or any of the many issues that can happen with technology. Plus, physically writing things down can help you remember them in detail and you can show off (or work on) that amazing penmanship you won’t be embarrassed of when you have to leave a quick and legible note for your boss!

And when said planner that you will take absolutely everywhere – speaking from experience here – is as cute as this Sugar Paper beauty (this is the one I have!), Why wouldn’t you want to take it everywhere.

I love everything about this planner.

I’m a huge Kate Spade fan but living on a seriously shoe string budget, so looking through Target’s Sugar Paper collection filled with stripes and poke-a-dots sent me over the moon.

It also features a emergency contact form, folders to stick loose papers in, note sections, to do lists organized for both weeks and months across multiple topics like financial goals and calls to make, and more than I can write about here. I am absolutely in love!

More importantly, I’m actually making progress on the majority of my goals.

I’m not that far in but being an adult can get complicated – why not make it easier? That’s what I think at least.

According to the site, these planners aren’t carried in Target stores anymore, however, I’d check out what is available and there are so many chic planners out there – try your local bookstores; they need the help! – you really can’t go wrong!

-Taylor Gallagher

P.S. This was meant to post last night but despite scheduling, there were complications so what can you do right?



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