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Well, it’s that time of year again…

Gallifrey one, the Doctor Who convention!

That time of year for those lucky Whovians from all over the world who’ve managed to score tickets decend on the LAX Marriott for a week of fun, costumes, fangirling (and fanboying), and lively and intellectual debate and discussion.

Whether you are someone who spends the year meticulously collecting pieces for costumes or a last minute rusher or a plain cloths fan, the build up to any con is quite a thing to experience – your fangear is a badge of honor you must have down.

And so the day is here (for Lobby-con, at least – the night before con launches where you get to see the first bits of costumes, see your once a year con friends, get a head start on ribbon collection, and say a quick hello to Fraser Hines), but are you ready for it?

In my wanderings this year, I stumbled across this gem of a book for anyone interested in or highly invested in con-life (or fan-life in general): The Fangirl’s Guide to the Galaxy: a handbook for girl geeks by Sam Maggs.

IMG_8146I recommend this super quick read for both boys and girls if you are new to fandom or conventions. She gives a great rundown of how cons work, proper etiquett when dealing with other attendees as well as guests, a what you will need list and just general fun facts of survival. I’m not new to cons but I fell in love with this witty, fast-talking rundown.

Again the book is tiny, so it’s a great quick read.

For anyone afraid of the feminist aspects of the book, first you shouldn’t, it’s all perfectly safe and it’s got a lot of things to think about – really great for teens and preteens getting into fandom. It’s big on respecting others, so even if you disagree with Sam on points throughout (I dmit that i did a few times), you’ll still get a lot out of it.

I’ll wrap up on the book by saying I wish I’d had this years ago before starting my con adventures!

Anyway, as Gallifrey hasn’t started, I can’t give you too much of a rundown, however, I’ve got my Rose and Clara gear preped – as well as my bank account and bugdet! – and I’ll talk to you all in more detail next week. So until then, keep your nerd strong and let your fangirl/boy flag fly.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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