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Color me Happy.

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Page 3, Stress Less Coloring:Paisley Patterns, 2015.

Coloring for adults is a growing trend that I fully stand behind, so this week I went out and purchased Adams Media’s Stress Less Coloring book.

But why color?

The trend is founded on the belief that coloring relieves stress through a few factors such as having to be unplugged for a while, taking time away from bright screens, and letting adults use new parts of the brain (mostly creative) that aren’t regularly stimulated. this doesn’t even touch on getting some time to yourself  to get in touch with your inner-child.

Even before this trend became what it is today, I could have told you that coloring is one increadible way to spend a few hours.

I used to work at an after school daycare and one of the best part of watching the youngest set was getting to color pages with the kids. I loved to sit with the kids and teach about shading and layering colors for thier favorite characters, watching them grow and the excitement they get when their shading looks a lot like mine.

But where character pictures let you play with shading and color, they new style of adult coloring books plays move with tight detail and much more complex color analysis.

But it is so much fun.

If you are more of a social creature – or just trying to be – there are new coloring clubs popping up everywhere where you can get together with other adults and color together. Most of these clubs tend to be quiet – you are coloring after all – but lets you be with people while unwinding with your color pencils.

One warning I will give is to buy good pencils. Coloring releives stress but color pencils breaking or not sharpening because you keep tapping them or because of lower wood quality will just amp that stress up. Also, they’s shown that crayons – due to the ease at which they break in the middle – don’t help with the stress process either, so pick your tools well and color happy.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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