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Soups for Syria

For anyone who isn’t part of of the Catholic community you may not know that we are currently in the middle of the lenten season. In my church, we spend this time doing something called “Living the Eucharist” where weekly groups meet at different houses reflecting on scriptures and discussing other relevant topics.

In the group my family goes to, every week the host family has made a different sampling from the cookbook Soup for Syria by Barbara Abdeni Massaad.

This cookbook was created with multiple goals in mind: they were looking for ways to reach as many people as possible – food is one of the amazing things which brings us all together; they wanted food that was easy to make with easy to follow directions and easy to find ingredients; and the biggest reason, all profits from the sales of the cookbook are donated to help fund food relief efforts through various nonprofit organizations so that these books will actually help in these relief efforts.

Each recipe has come with rave reviews both for the ease as well as taste, but for me, I believe this book is just as important as a teaching tool as it is a book to teach you how to cook.

Imagine being able to teach people about cultures through food and the experience of cooking it – experiencing the world in this one way has been shown to open up worlds.

The fact that this particular book also helps fund relief efforts which puts it at the top of my must have book list.

So from one foodie to another, cook well, eat well, live well and do good in the world – it’s really the least any of us can do.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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