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40 Book Challenge

This past school year our fifth grade class has decided to challenge itself with a readin challenge: in our 10(ish) monthes of school each student set out to complete 40 books at their reading level (working steadily upward), across genres.

Even back in London, I was invited to join the class as a bit of extra motiveation – telling fifth graders their challenge had gone international was a real motivation!

So now we have a single trimester left and I’m looking to start book number 20…. so far in and so far to go.

Thus far my books have ranged from classics I’ve missed from Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland to Judy Bloom’s Are You There God, It’s Me, Margret and long pieces from Terry Brooks’ Shannara Series and as many Jojo Moyes and Cecilia Ahern novels as I could get my hands on. Top this list off with the always necessary conclusion to the Princess Diaries’ series by Meg Cabot and I am sitting happy.

I will say this: I’m a bit of a book-horder so it’s been an expensive year! For me, however, it has been so worth every read.

I really encourage this challenge for all ages – it increases reading and language skills from comprehension, vocabulary, and spelling, as well as lets you spend more time away from screens – always a plus in today’s plugged in world.

And in a time where many fantastic book series are being made into television and film, getting a jump start on a series in print can be a great way to explore worlds at a much deeper level.

I’m hoping to speed through books through the rest of the year from more Shannara to starting in on The Magicians series by Lev Grossman which recently was made into a television series (which seems loosely based on the novels). I was lucky enough to win the second book in  a fundraiser but I’ve yet to actually by the first! So you can only guess what my next errand is sure to be!

And if you would like to try this kind of challenge – you can really start whenever and just go for a year! – but don’t have much money at the moment, don’t forget to utalize local secondhand shops and libraries.

Also, if you are going to use the library – even if you think it’s nice – don’t reshelve your own books! Libraries get more money the more their books are used and one major way this is kept track of is electronically monitored reshelving. You don’t even need to fully check a book out to help!

But that’s all my booknerding for now so until next time, read well, live well, be well and I’d love to hear some of your favorite or most recent reads!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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