Very happy, Very busy.

So I know I was supposed to write about the SCA this week, but it’s been hectic so that’ll have to wait. It’s holy week, so that alone – especially being involved with a Catholic school – makes this week insane.

On a brighter note this week has been niece-centric, but in the best way (like there’s a bad way?).

But here’s the main bright spot of the week:

My mom was very insistent that I come with her Wednesday morning to my sister’s house to help run some baby related errands. Now, usually this wouldn’t be an issue in the slightest – I’ll take all the baby time I can get. However, This particular morning I woke up to a few frantic texts from the school principal asking if I could come and work as a sub.

So,  told my mom this and asked if I should bet my younger sister up to help with the baby stuff so I could get to the school ASAP. Her response was: It’ll be quick, let her sleep and text that you have a few things to do first but you’ll be quick.

Okay, strange, but I get some niece love and cuddles before work so I’m a bit stressed but we’ll make it work.

By the time I’m dressed and we’ve reached the apartment (luckily located across from the school), I’ve gotten the thumbs up from the principal and I’m ready to go.

Once inside, my sister, who was finishing getting ready to walk over herself, asked if I’d mind changing the baby girl. while a dirty diaper isn’t how I’d normally start my day – or really want to- I’m a trouper so I lift the giggly girl off the bed and set her in the changing crib, cooing as we go.

The first thing I notice is that there is a onesie under her PJs – again strange but I let it pass. I finish all the buttons and staring at me from the onesie reads : Will you be my godmother?


Now, since this baby girl was born, it’s been common knowledge that the maid-of-honor – and my sister’s best friend – and the best man were going to be baby girls godparents. This is why I immediately turned to my sister to ask: “Is Marcella coming over later or did she already?” to know if I was stripping her out of the onsie or just layering for a surprise later.

Both Meg and my mom were cracking up: “No, it’s not for Marcella; she’s asking you!”

I instantly broke into tears, tripping over everything to hug my sister, laughing and cursing my lack of waterproof makeup and Meg said that I shouldn’t be hugging her but answering the giggly girl still half dressed in the crib.

Obviously, my answer was yes and I got in a decent amount of snuggles and a baby outfit change – they’d already sorted the diaper for me – before having to tearfully – but beaming through it – trek over to work.

And I’m over the moon. There is a lot of work to do – we’ve got less than a month until the baptism – but I couldn’t be happier or more ready for it.

See, told you it was quite a week! So until next time – and the SCA, I promise – live well, smile and everything’s shiny, captain.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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