Run so Far Away.

me color run

I have pink hair! Color Run, Los Angeles, California. November 2013.

If you’ve been following along, you’ll know that thanks to the ZombieRun app, I’ve been doing a 10k training program these past few months. And now (finally!), I’ll be putting it to use!

My dad, sister and I just signed up for Color Fun Fest 2016, Los Angeles. This is an all day (well, 3:30-9:30 really) day event which includes 2 day and 2 night color runs and a carnival during, between and after them.

If you are a local (or currently local) I really recommend signing up. We used the CARNY  code to purchase adult VIP tickets for a discounted price. This gives us a few extra goodies each as well as the choice to run multiple runs (we’re planning one day and one night run) for a really good price.

This will be my second (closely followed by third) color run but my 5th (and 6th) fun run – I’ve also done a mud run and a 5k through Universal Studios backlot.

For anyone who doesn’t like running or is just starting out, these are amazing ways to get out and get yourself moving. You never have to run – as long as you are keeping a relatively good pace you are fin – and the obsticles from color throwing stations to obstacles in a mud run give you distance goals a moments to either sprint or take a break.

This doesn’t even mention running as a team! Fun runs are amazing for people ready to work in groups together and one of my favorite things about them is watching other people or groups running in themed costumes – like the superhero crew classics (Marvel or DC) usually featuring  color specific tutus.

I can’t wait for this run in a little over a week but there are plenty others I am looking forward to – there are LA river runs that look amazing (and a 10k as well) as well as looking into mud runs happening this summer.

And remember, you’ll want to bring a towel for your car, a few snacks for between runs, and a water bottle. Be smart, run happy, and I’ll see you next week,

  • Taylor Gallagher

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