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Dressing for Events the Right Way.


Godparents and Fashion? Yes, Please! Los Angeles. April 2016

This past weekend I was lucky(?) enough to get to attend three different events stemming from/surrounding my family’s parish/school. Despite the commonalities between these events, each one required a very different fashion approach.

The first event (last Friday night) was a parish wide gala held at a local country club. For me, any event like this (a gala!) is a chance for you to pull out all the sparkles and the glamour – very few of us regularly get the chance!

On the flip side, this is also a school and parish event with both school teachers/staff and the parish clergy in attendance. As someone who works at the school in attendance with many of my students parents, this was also a work event (in terms of thinking about coverage).


Gala Night Fashion.

Part of why I make this note about coverage comes directly from some of the fashion choices I saw on the dance floor. We had a large contigency of school moms in barely there outfits – painted on bandage dresses, don’t-drop-the-soap hem lines, and sometimes a combination of the two. I need to add, I am not saying this to fashion or body shame anyone. I am simply thrying to point out that you should be aware of where you are and who you are with – you are always making an impression so you may as well make them count!

My choice for the evening was my little sisters old prom dress. The dress was bought from Forever 21 a few years back for about $20. I love the drama of it – the high-low hem line paired with sky high velvet platform wedges let me show some skin while the sequins and jeweled necklace added shine to the top, pulling up the eyes. The skirt oves to catch the air – again adding to dramatics – and since the dress was a little large on me, a simple black belt helped to pull in the waist.

Since the dress says so much and is so dark – great for night events – I poped some color in by adding a bold lip and a smiple double braided side ponytail. For make up, I added a little sparkle and pulled my winged eyeliner out a little bit further and bolder. In these events, it’s all about balancing.


First Communion Fahion.

The second event was our second graders first communion last Saturday. I was working this event as an assistant photographer so as well as being event and location appropriate, my dress also had to be functional for working with the kids and positioning myself around the curch without blocking views.

My choice for this event was a Target steal – $13 on sale! – floral, salmon-based, floor length dress. Since it’s hot here in California already, I loved the cut of this dress. the thin translucent overdress is thin enough to allow movement of air while the underdress is long enough for modesty. The overdress also has slits up both sides which came in handy when having to crouch down for pictures.

For chruch, the length of the dress also offsets the sleeveless top. Also because this is a day event, I suggest keeping a frilly dress like this paired with small accessories. Paired with sime thick heeled peep-toes and a belt-clinched waist, and you are ready for summer but with the easy sophistication to either run around a music festival – this was one mothers take on the outfit (besides that she loved it) – a picnic or, like me, a first communion.


Baptism Fashion.

The third event was my niece’s baptism where I served as Godmother(!). Because Mags was all in white (of course) I wanted a bright bress for her to pop against. For Gilmore Girls fans, yes, I asked if a baby went with the dress before choosing it that morning.

This was another Target find – not on sale this time – that I paid $22 for.

I love the dresses high neck line and the pop of surrles aroung the sleeves. For Easter, I wore a much bigger necklace, but for this event I kept a shiny but simple silver necklace to pull the eyes up but that wouldn’t get in the way of the little one snuggling in.

Again, this was a day event so I made sure the makeup and hair stayed simple, with added day-time details like a floral cinch-belt and peeptoe heals (which switched to braided sandals for the afterparty). Add in some after-church shades and you are all kinds of set.

That’s it!

I’ve already talked about my other big social dress up days (look up my boat party post) which covers a very different kind of social event and setting.

So, here’s my sum up: look for appropriateness based on the who(s) and the where(s) of your event, pay attention to balance for your details as well as in your color palette, and (a big one for me) as much as you may want to spend money on an outfit because you have an excuse, you don’t have to spend much to make something work for you!

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