Tea to My Heart….

I will say it here: I have found the love of my life…. And it’s a tea company.

A few weeks back, we were lucky enough to hit the ren-faire for the second time in one season which meant a smaller group, slowing down and getting a chance to really explore.

On these wanderings, we came across a tea seller called Spice Trader’s Teas.

Now, I love tea. I have always loved tea and since moving to London that love has only increased. However, being away from London – back home – has also meant moving away from loose leaf teas and some of the fresher variants – not to mention away from some of the variety.

But then we stumbled on Spice Trader’s Teas.

Walking past this booth, I felt pulled in by lovely, vibrant smells and the calls of the three charming vendors. Once they said tea, I ran over!

The booth displays tons of glass bottles filled with tea leaves in an assortment of types. Whether you are a green tea person, black, herbal, spiced or looking for something special and unique, you really can’t go wrong here.

At the booth you are encouraged to smell as many teas as you want and each helper knew what was in each but also what notes they hit and what ailments they may help with – they mentioned a ‘shipwreck’ tea is always popular for those working the faire for a morning pick me up (it helps with anything to do with nausea!).

I was all ready to purchase a green – my current light go to – when I noticed a canister labled “Women’s Blend”. I instantly picked up the bottle and gave it a sniff – it was light like a green but a little flowery like a herbal.

I quickly asked what this tea was for and was told that it is exactly what it sounds like. With a mix of rasberry leaf, vitex berries, nettles, linden flower, lemon verbena, lemon peel, cinnomon, rose pettles and some stevia for sweetness this tea helps with cramps, bloating, aches, and a meriad of other symptoms that crop up for women every 25-27 days or so.

The tea turns a little green but as a herbal, you don’t have to be too worried about over steeping – again, I’m a green girl so I tend to keep to a 3 minute time table. I used it at work this week and not only loved the taste but I never reached for a redose of my midol! My menstral cycle makes it hard to concentrate on nearly anything between the aches, cramps and exhaustion even with medication (especially in the early days) so this tea was a godsend.

The head vendor said that this tea is so popular, she has a whole back order log to fill – yes, it is that good!

While I shopped for medicinal uses, my sister decided to go with a dessert tea: “XOXO”. This tea has a black tea base paired with rose hips, hibiscus, apples, strawberries, rose petals, rasberry leaves, dark chocolate and stevia. She said it was strange having chocolate tea but it really did taste like chocolate strawberries. Her warning, however, is to watch your steeping! Black tea is a 5 minute brew – longer means bitter, not stronger!

Anyway, I know have a whole shopping list for Spice Trader’s Teas and encourage you to go check them out!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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