Summer Skin….


Look at that Aloe! Summer 2016.

As we approach summer, there are a whole lot of skin issues we’ll all have to work with. Wether you are dealing with changing up your skin routine, you make up color pallet, or your health plan, remember your skin is one thing you will always have to live with and is less durable than most of us care to admit.

You should be applying sunscreen – at least to your face – all year round. Not applying can, at a minimum, cause red, painful sunburn which is as attractive as it is fun. Much larger issues ranging from pre-mature aging, skin pigmentation issues, skin cancer, low sperm count, anemia, vision problems and the list goes on. Protect yourself! Always put on sunscreen, reapply regularly, limit exposure, and wear head and eye protection! This goes double for little kids.

When it comes to taking care of your skin in cleaning and makeup, think light. For makeup, you’ll want to go light but bright as you’re layering over sunscreen – a double duty SPF and concealer like BB Creams works great for this! I pull in bright corals for my cheeks and alternate lip balm and bright lipsticks. It will brighten up your whole face, keep up a sunny, summer glow, but also keep your skin hydrated.

It’s hot. Do yourself a favor and avoid layers of makeup you’ll be sweating off later especially at the beach! Swap your make up routine for tinted sunblock, a floppy, hollywood-glamour beach hat and a pair of your favorite shades.

When it comes to taking it off, take all of it off. Your face needs to breath so put on any face medication you need and be finished. If you find your skin drying out from the elements, add a moisturizer to balance you out overnight.

In all cases, increasing your vegetable intake can also help balance your body and your skin. It will heal more quickly and glow with all the added nutrients and your body will delight in the easy and cold refreshing salads and veggies you’ll have to snack on!

But my real summer goto is my fresh aloe vera. Wether dealing with attack of the pimples or sunburns fresh aloe can do wonders! A quick google search will give you all you need to know on storage, uses, and how to extract aloe the right way – blending was the best one I have seen.

You can buy aloe at any store, however, this will contain alcohol which is fine for pain management but just dries out your burn. Natural aloe is cool to the touch so feels great on burns without the alcohol issues. If you are worried about pain management, take some aspirin and that should mellow you out.

My plant was a small $3 pot two summers ago and now we’re about to move it to a pot I can fit into. As a succulent, any cutting from these plants will grow more if planted correctly and by cutting sparingly, your plant will supply you with protection for a long time to come.

My favorite investment as a SoCal most definitely.

So go out, enjoy the summer, and take care of yourself. Until next time…

  • Taylor Gallagher

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