Beach Day Prep.

So tomorrow marks our first beach day of the summer and I cannot wait! After spending all of last summer in the UK (and wider Europe) which is not known for the sunniest summer temperaments, I am beyond excited for the sun, salt air and warm sand beneath my feet.

As the temperatures soar and the beach/pool season comes into fruition, you’ve got to make sure you are packing your bag and prepared for all contingencies.

There are a lot of different kinds of beach people; sport people, tanners, readers, photographers, ect. so it’s really up to you what you bring in terms of entertainment.

The things you really don’t want to miss – and by this, I mean the things you want to prep and pack the night before – are the essentials.

It’s getting hot so sunscreen, sun glasses and water is an absolute must. Remember, no matter how much fun you are having – or what kind of tan you are looking at building, you must reapply sunscreen! Any change in skin color, intentional or not, is bad for you. As a Southern California native, I love my summer tan and the glow it gives but remember that every time you tan you are doing damage.

Your eyes are just as or more sensitive to sun damage that anything else so sunglasses with protection, please! Even if your eyes are closed, you are being effected so sleeping and tanning without a pair of glasses won’t really help you out.

In terms of this damage, remember to take care of yourself after being in the sun. Drink a lot of water, eat healthy vegetables to replace vitamins, and apply both lotion and aloe vera (I absolutely love my fresh aloe from my plant) to re-hydrate your skin.

In terms of food prep, we’re trying to get better about eating and money management so we’re looking at packing easy lunches – diced veggie and turkey sandwiches with humus spread with extra vegetables on the side plus a piece of fruit for some balance. keep things simple and remember to always clean up after yourself. I know a lot of people like to grab chips for the beach but I’d actually steer clear. Birds know a chip bag when they see one and the birds at beaches are some of the most aggressive you will ever find – you have been warned.

For my day, I’m planning on a little photography, a little reading and a little water polo. It’ll be a early start – another reason you really want to pack up what you can the night before – since trying to get to the beach a little before non and into the later hours is crazy in terms of fighting families for position (or really any kind of space).

If you are looking for a mellow beach trip, I always recommend Zuma for Valley residence but heading down to post 9 to 11, far from the teenagers and snack stands. That’s where we’ll be and I can practically smell it sea salt air already!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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