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My Summer Hat of Choice.


Recently, H&M has been an amazing stop where I’ve found all my recent favorites. Two weeks ago I talked all about my new favorite (and go-to) dress and now it’s my go-to hat.

I will definitely admit that this piece was an impulse buy, but I haven’t regretted it for a second.

I was watching TV and surfing pintrest on July 3rd and came across a great photo – closely followed by a whole feed – of a girl wearing a boater hat. All I could think was that the next day was the 4th of July, we were going out to a barbecue, and that hat was undeniably perfect.

So, yes, with two hours before the mall closed, my sisters and I sped over and did a marathon jog in and out of all the stores that looked to even remotely have the kind of straw hat I was searching for.

We started in H&M but where I found the collection of hats, there was only a few with the correct brim length – the feature that is probably the most important part in my decision making process – but with a much deeper cap than I really wanted.

At our mall, the only other place that had an equivalent was Hollister. Their choice, however, hat the proper height but a wider sun hat brim and as mentioned the brim was the most important part!

Luckily, after deciding that getting the first hat was worth  buying even if the height wasn’t quite right, I noticed another section of hats and buried under the top few was this hat. 

What I love about it are the proportions. It’s short brim works perfectly with the shallow height making it perfect for both top and back of the head placement. I tend to lean for a further back look which is why I needed the shorter brim. The halo – the shape and size of the brim that frames your head – feels much more proportionate to my head and face rather than over powering.

I can pair this hat with curly hair or straight and it doesn’t clash with most outfits. I love it with summer dresses but a lot with my recent white shorts and shirt combo. Then again, ankle hemmed skinny and a t-shirt are amazing as well!

The one thing I am having issues pairing this hat with are my favorite striped tops – especially in primary colors. This feels way too stereotypical Parisian (like the bad tourist version!) when it’s all put together. I am working on this look because I really love the idea of it, but for now it’s on the back burner.

But until then, I love playing with this beautiful boater hat and hope you will too!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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