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Back to School: Planners Revisited


So I posted at the beginning of the calendar year about my new planner and how much I was loving this tool to keep track of my life. 6 months later and I can honestly say that I am still loving it.

I’ve had a busy 7 months being home filled with events with family and friends, interviews, work schedules, meet ups and the basic goings on in my life and this planner has taken a beating but has been with me every step of the way.

I can reiterate all the reasons why everyone should get a planner from my last post on planners – everything from forgetting to schedule something on your phone (like while on a phone call!)to the benefits of detail memory retention (which comes with writing things down!) and showing off (or working on) that amazing penmanship for anyone you write notes to! – but you can read that yourself.

So why am I talking about planners again?

While I am now out of the July/August to June year schedule that comes with student and teacher life, there are many out there – and four in my family! – who this schedule rules their lives. I have one more sister still in school and three teachers/staff working at the middle school level so while they could use a calendar year planner like I have fallen in love with, their year would be bisected by a planner change.

This lead us once again to Target – they really do have the cutest and best designed planners I have ever see and with enough variation to suit everyone’s personal styles.

I love my small and very open plan planner but my sister – who has become a planner convert – is a huge grid and lined paper fan so the Blue Sky Day Designer is perfect for her. It has all the areas to create check list and notes but with lots of organized lines and days organized with hour by hour segmentation. She’s the sister that is still in college and with year she’ll be doing all her classes as well as looking for work, serving as a bridesmaid in a friends wedding, is in two fraternities (one social and one academic) and serving as the groups secretary in one, so she has a lot going on. This also means she’ll be using a backpack so this larger planner which affords her more space to schedule things in is perfect for her.

Funnily enough, my other younger sister who works as a teacher’s aide and is the mother of a 6 month old, picked the smaller version of this same July 2016 to June 2017 planner. She needed to smaller book that she can throw in a baby bag or purse and run out the door with. She ups her organization using color coordinated highlighter pencils and her advice from today was if you want your planner to look nice and get stressed out with changed plans – that are out of your control – always use pencils; blacked out pen scratches look messy and can get distracting!

For me, It’s a matter of what I have on hand though plans that are more obscure definitely stay in pencil! Also, if you are looking to organize the rest of your paper and office life but with cute flair, there are tons of super cute choices from giant ‘oops’ erasers (I definitely bought this!) to desk globes and chalkboards galore.

So, if you are school bound (whichever way this applies), I cannot recommend buying a beautiful (cause you will use it more!) but useful planner enough.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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