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My Lipstick Jungle.


Smashbox, Be Legendary Lipstick

Today a lot happened: I forgot the keys to let me into work and had to have my sister drive them down to me; I ran around trying to catch up on my late start; I broke the top of my porcelain tea mug which fell, bounced and sliced my leg up in the process; I sat for a minute or two and cried about it before driving home with blood running down my leg.

So, yes, today was a crummy kind of no good, horrible, terrible, very bad day.

But, in spite of all the tea, the lunch, tears, and all the tension, My lipstick stayed red and you have no idea how much that picked my day up every time I looked in the mirror.

I will never tell anyone that they need lipstick – that’s never my right nor do I enjoy it (and not everyone – or anyone – needs it!), but for me, whether it is going for an interview, a besties-date with my best friends, going to my random volunteer work days, or (sometimes) just going out to the grocery store especially on a horrible, terrible, no good, very bad day.

I love all shades and all brands – I have many and with them I make even more options through very special color mixes. Some have shine and other are matte, some are light and others dark; some on the pink scales, the red blue scale, and the orange scale; and some are longer wear and others aren’t quite as sturdy.

This is one of the issues I have with many of my lipsticks – with many brands, I feel like I have to sacrifice color if I wanted staying power. All my reds would stay but they tended to pink out on me – I even have oranges that start vivid but end up (strangely enough) pink!

That’s why I have been so happy this week with my new purchase of Be Legendary Cream Lipstick from Smashbox. I bought Bing – a beautiful matte red which does not turn pink! – and Fireball Matte – an orange that is deep and bright at the same time so it stays far away from neon. I love the brightness of these which brings attention to your face and livens it up but are also reserved enough  for places like mass or work without seeming like you are going out to party after.

This lipstick has some staying power but not nearly as much as others I have worn (you know, the ones that pink out!). My first time wearing Bing, I ended up eating a burger and, thanks to the bun, I lost quite a bit of lipstick to the bread. The next time, I let it set a little longer before eating and ate avocado, humus, and quinoa salad toast and the color hadn’t moved at all (and the same with oatmeal this morning!).

But more than staying power,  even if eating took some off (applying lip liner to whole lip can help stop the removal!), all the lipstick stayed the exact color with was supposed to without any kind of color fade. If you love vivid color, This is the one for you!

Finally, at $21 each paying for all the confidence and energy that these colors give me, these were very, very worth the cost. My only problem now is that I want more colors!

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