For the Love of a Pencil Skirt…

Yes, this is a Pintrest post and a post all about my favorite pencil skirts that I am longing to own.

Truth be told, I own more fluffy yet elegant tulle and long Hepburnesque / Roman Holiday skirts, many of which I have had to weigh down with hem anchors – just stitch weighted washers into the hem of your underskirt which is made easy by the hole in the middle of said washer (much easier than a penny-ed hem)! I love these skirts because they clench nicely at my waist and then flare out in exaggerated A-lines.

I am petite and curvy – the small of my waist is 31 inches smaller than the widest part of my hips (That is 12.2 inches, ie a little over a foot distance!) – so pencil skirts are a major love and yet head ache for me. It doesn’t help that my running regime seems to have shrunk in my waist more while adding a little bit of muscle girth to my hips (not where I need it but c’est la vie, I’d rather keep running!).

So, yes, I am pintrest longing while I bide my time until I get a job that will let me start heading to a tailor with as many pencil skirts as I can get my hands on. And that’s what all curvy girls need: a good tailor in their Rolodex (or our technological equivalent) to nip in the waistline without breaking the smooth curve from waist to knee (or below) which can happen easily with an inexperienced seamstress (such as doing it yourself!).

To follow are my current crushes as well as the links you follow from Pinterest!

Therefore, with a final, huge thank you to the shop social media crews and other fashion bloggers for giving me such pretty things to look at and I cannot wait to join the legion of snappily dressed fashion forward women in these amazing skirts. If I had to pick a favorite, it would have to be the lovely Crochet number featured on the Collage Vintage Blog – a french fashion blog – and sold on my favorite clothing site, Chicwish.

Until next time, my lovelies, live well, run fast, and find yourself a tailor!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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