Bring on the Fall!

I know, I know, I’m in Los Angeles so honestly there really aren’t any seasons worth a major wardrobe change but I absolutely love layering and all the colors that take over in the fall. Luckily, you can find many layers thin enough that you can fight the slightly cooler weather, not sweat to death, and still get all the chicness of fall’s best options.

For me, this means pulling out the yellows, browns and oranges contrasted with some navy and burgundy selections across booties, scarfs, and sweaters and textures from knits to velvet to corduroy.

Some of my biggest ‘can’t-wait-to-wear’ trends that work alongside the LA heat:

Booties, bright tights, and textured miniskirts – I love my burgundy and navy leggings but I can never figure out how to wear them in the summer without looking overdone – the next set I’m looking forward to adding is a mustard yellow pair! Throw on some booties and a short but textured skirt really plays with the focus. I love my Target-mini that has a paisley pattern on material that resembles an old couch cover – I swear it’s much cuter that I just made it sound. Top this with a light shirt and ultra light cardigan that you can bunch to your elbows and you will look balanced but not overheat.

Velvet jegging/skinnies (the kind with a proper button front), a loose and flowing  blouse, and a sleeveless jacket or blazer – I love mixing my textured skinnies which fit like a love with a slightly structured jacket and a unstructured top. Again, mixing in all your great colors and textures here is key. My sleeveless buster is a light but sturdy knit with a simple lined plaid in grey and black while my skinnies are burgundy in a lush but not shiny velvet. If you a bit colder, with about throwing a light cable knit sweater rather than a blouse. In a blouse, however, a great floral will add a great feminine touch.

Everything Plaid! – Yep, I am one of those. I’m looking forward to getting back to my ’90’s childhood roots and rocking plaid however I can. But how to do this and not look like lumberjack? well, you could totally embrace the trend but I love throwing oversize plaid shirts together with black or colored leather (nor worn out brows – too workman!) – preferably a skirt or vest. Avoid any really sturdy work boots – play with cut out or strappy booties for the feminine flair – or too much wool and you’ll be fine!

I know this is a really simple list, but think pieces when you are looking to shake up your wardrobe for fall; velvet pants, sleeveless jackets, sweaters, mini skirts, bight colorful tights, plaid staples and booties. You don’t need to change your whole wardrobe to embrace everything fall has to offer, just think about fresh ways to put items you have together that would otherwise feel like too much during spring or summer.

So if the sweater weather starts rolling in (or not!), get ready, get excited, and feel free to play!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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