Easy Room Change Ups.

I am in a total home decor kick right now, however, unfortunately, I’m still living in a single, overstuffed room which I grew up in which means I really don’t have the ability to explore this passion. Also, I’m not in a possession to spend money on more decor even if I did have the room.

But, still, this is a need I’ve been feeling a lot recently so I’ve started to think of easy but cheap ideas that will let you change up your space with little effort.

1. Rearrange what you have.

There is a reason that Feng Shui is an art form that has lasted for centuries. If you start to feel like your room is stuck in a rut and you along with it, shift things around. This could be as easy as shifting where your desk or book shelves are, switching your wall art (this could be wall placement or the pictures or art themselves), or changing up the little bits and bobs you have on display.

For me, I can only move so much stuff – my bed is made up of kitchen cabinets along one of my walls and I have no way of moving it around. If I want big shifts, I’m mostly regulated to my wall hangings from pictures, art, or the creative jewelry displays I’ve created. Command strip hooks and frame Velcro are great resources if you are thinking about moving things around regularly – a lot easier than hammering nails and then filling holes later.

2. Change some details.

This can be as easy as adding or switching out a throw rug, some throw pillows, or curtains. I’ve been seriously loving Target’s college (and overall)  decor section. They have some great soft, furry throws and pillows that can give your room a nice, easy and chic change. However, this does cost money as each piece can add up more quickly than you would expect it to.

If you have to spend money, think about ways of adding things that can help you out later. I’ve recently bout some very cute office supplies like filing folders and a gold wire case to hold them. These have let me organize my files while I get on the road to adulting while adding a cute yet sophisticated air to my ‘clutter’. on the other hand, remember that space is limited of you an’t just keep adding without thought.


Target’s easy Peel and Stick Divine Brick Wallpaper.

*If you are looking for a bigger change and have a bit more money to spare, think about redoing a whole wall. I absolutely love Target’s easy wallpaper sheets. There versions of textured Peel and Stick wallpaper is amazingly lovely and is not permanent! Easily applied and easily cleaned up, this is a big change even if you just used strips to accent and offset other details!

4. Make it Yourself.

If you are looking for a slightly cheaper (if done right!) but unique touch, think about making things yourself. There are tons of videos and tutorials that teach you how to reupholster chairs, sew pillow slip covers and the like, but, to start out, I’m planning on tackling something much smaller.

I have had some car window stickers (Joss Whedon’s Firefly themed!) fro years, but because I’ve never wanted to commit them to a window or car and risk losing them in the endeavor. Now, I’m finally going to be making them into framed wall art.

You take a frame – I like the look of shadow box frames – around the size of your sticker and stick it to the inner glass. Next, create a backing using colored or patterned paper or material against the supplied back of the frame, making sure that there is a good contrast. Put together the frame and hang your beautiful, unique piece of art!

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be trying out each of these change ups and hopefully this will add a bit more energy to the rest of my day to day activities. If you try any of these out, let me know how it all works out.

This is Leave on the Wind, helping you soar.


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