DIY Wall Art.

Last week’s post was all about catching the decor bug and since then, I’ve been putting a variety of the suggestions to the test! From gaining bruises and strained muscles while rearranging every piece of furniture that isn’t nailed down in my room (the room feels so long now!), to trashing bags of old clutter, to refiling papers that were otherwise misplaced, to making a new soft and fluffy body pillow to change the look of my bedding, to, finally(!) making my own fun and fantastic, nerdy wall art.

1. Start out by finding something cute but simple you want to frame. For me, this was two car window decals I bought at convention years ago – Joss Whedon’s Firefly based. These could be stickers, decals, or any odd thing you want to frame (I have a set of old rustic keys frames in a shadow box and I love it).

2. Buy a picture frame big enough to house whatever your “art” is. Have fun with this! I went with two black oval frames. I loved how they contrasted with my rectangular frames for all my other art yet keep to the same pallet.

3. Think about your backdrop in respect to the “art” you’ve selected for yourself. You can use wallpaper, wrapping paper, construction paper, fabric, or any other backing and cut it down to fit your frame. Since my decals are white, I went with black paper to give the best contrast. I used a highlighter pencil to trace the circumference of the inner portion of the frame. Remember, you can cut it a little small, however, be careful the you can’t see around your backing when it’s all put together or your work will just look messy.

4. Stick your sticker/decal to the glass and put together your frame. One piece of advice, check out which way your decal sticks. I always assumed that I had to face my decal so you could read it through the glass, however, it actually sticks to the outside. Also, these decals are sticky and are not really shiftable – once they make contact, they can and will start to adhere onto the glass. Still, make sure you really rub down each piece of the decal because bubbles can be visible and cause peeling later.

5. Now that the frame is together and it all looks good, hang your new art enjoy it – one of a kind art is quite a thing to have. Look at my set by step pictures below!

If you are looking for other kinds of wall art, look at melted crayon art (tons of fun and lots of tutorials) or cutting geometric shapes onto canvas for a 3-dimensional square of patterning. And if you liked the idea of the easy up wallpaper discussed last time, be warned that you need a flat wall rather than a textured one (so now I have white brick wallpaper ready and waiting for whenever I move into my own place).

But my next project? Reupholster my desk chair. I just saw a post on this by Amanda from the fabulous blog, Advice from a 20 Something, and it was a total inspiration! Once I’ve tried it out myself, I’ll be sure to let you all know how it went.

  • Taylor Gallagher

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