Eat and Eat and Eat: Gilmore’s-giving


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So now that most of us Americans have stuffed ourselves on Thanksgiving dinner(s) – where we eat and eat and eat – and eat and eat and eat and eat – and eat and eat and eat – we have entered the realm we have all truly been waiting for: the Gilmore Girl’s Revival.

Starting early tomorrow morning, I’ll be putting the last pieces into place for my six hour / six and a half hour marathon with Netflix. This is not nearly the longest marathon I have done – a single season marathon can be anywhere from 9 to 22 hours.

But what goes into this 6 hour trek?

I’ve planned a pre-show (probably not a film by Kirk), a range of Gilmore based foods, a few decorations, themed dishware, and comfy seating for all. Sounds like a lot? Well, do the Gilmore girls deserve anything less?

The pre-show:

I have recently done the quick version of the shows marathon – it avereaged about 5 or 6 episodes a season cutting the viewing time down extensively – but not everyone else in my viewing party has. Most have see the whole show but others are missing whole chunks of it, if they’ve seen more than a few episodes  by virtue of being in the room during one of my many binges.

Again, this is not me. I’ve watched the whole series from beginning to end probably close to a dozen times with more than a little emphasis on and Jess years.

Still, since not everyone is me, I’m planning on quick reviews via the Kirk recaps that the Netfix social media team has lovingly put together. These minute to minute and a half videos give you some of the big events that happened in each season plus introduce the main players. Plus, Kirk!

Of course, if you need an extra (awkward) two minutes or an intermission, go ahead and through in A Film by Kirk.


When it came to working the menu for this marathon, I started wide. I had put together a list of 15 dishes that were series based enough that a fan could have a fun figuring out when the girls would have sampled each part of the platter. That, however, was quite a feat especially for a relatively small guest list. This whittled down to 8 smaller options -for vegetarians and meat eaters alike.

In the end, we went with some mini diner classics – mini pancakes with sausage, Danishes, and sliders; some classic Gilmore snacks – marshmallows, jalapeno poppers, and bagel pizza bites; and Friday night dinner samples – deviled eggs and pudding in crystal bowls (or in our case cups).

But how?!

It’s a six hour marathon without scheduled breaks and hot food; how are things going to run smoothly if you are constantly cooking?

This is Gilmore girls! Even with the Luke throwbacks, I believe in true Gilmore style and working that microwave. I bought pretty much everything except the deviled eggs ready to go with a very detailed plan – the ability to be in and out of a kitchen in less than 5 minutes. My sister loves the deviled egg episode as well as actual deviled eggs so she is in-charge. Luckily, these are also relatively easy to work through so the timing isn’t an issue.

The set up:

This covers outfits, cushions, appropriate mugs, and whatever other trinkets you can catch.

Minimalist you can throw on a baseball cap and plaid, some bad cut-off and tie dye combo, or whatever you can find that screams Stars Hallow. I’ve got my Gilmore shirt, plaid, and baseball cap all lined up and ready to go.

Set up your viewing room so everyone can snuggle in comfortably. I have done a lot of marathons and there is nothing worse than your butt going numb halfway through because you picked a bad spot. Have plenty of pillows, blankets, and cushions especially for those who might need an embarrassment shield – I’ve watch the show a dozen times and still Amy gives me many duck-and-cover moments.

I always loved Luke’s for the mixed-matched dishware, so for your party you should act in kind. If you have wide, round cups in a variety of colors, you are on the right track. I’m lucky enough to have four WarnerBros official Gilmore Girls merch mugs that will definitely be in rotation tomorrow. We’re also throwing some senior Gilmore aesthetic into the mix and are serving our chocolate pudding in our fancy crystal… cups since we don’t have bowls.

Finally, since it’s all about the coffee, coffee, coffee, I will happily display my Target decor ‘Coffee’ light up sign for that extra bit of Gilmore glam. Throw around some feathered boas, bean bag chairs, Yale and Chilton banners, maybe a ‘No Cellphones’ sign, and you will have quite the place to be.

So that’s my tomorrow. In less than 11 hours I’ll be queuing up my Netflix and pre-show, dressed in plaid, and eating mini pancakes, settling into ‘Winter’. Stars Hallow is home so my cellphone will be off pretty much all day and I will be happier for it.

If you are looking back at this for a bigger party – a large group, Gilmore pot luck, or a longer marathon, expand on this! I would love some green mac’n’cheese, mini tacos, some mystery bags from Al’s Pancake World, or some mini tacos. Oh and don’t forget the salmon puffs!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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