Is it break yet?

This is all you will here from two groups in the next days/weeks: students and teachers. This get super compounded as our class sizes drop because of early vacationers and the oddly strong illnesses floating around.  It’s knocked out teacher after teacher, half our eighth grade class, and has now followed me home through my father.

While I’m all about washing hands, exercising, and green tea all day long to keep you immune system working at full capacity, I’m adding one more thing to my list of feel better/get better list: take a bath.

Always watch the temperature (the true hardest part of bath time – it may start off too hot but then it can go temped long before you are ready!), but getting a good steam in the room will help pull up all the phlegminess out as well as relax any tenderness in your muscles.

Throw in a bath bomb, some natural oil, ginger, salt, teabags, or whatever bit of happiness to suit your needs, help you feel good, and just soak for as long as you can manage it. Catch up on reading, turn on your favorite music, close your eyes for an hour, you really are without many limits – just beware those electronics!

Plus, as a added bonus, If it’s cold a warm bath is a beautiful thing. Personally, I seem to have a natural issue heating myself through regularly generated body heat – my hands are always Ice cubes. However, after a hot bath or shower, my body seems to hold onto the heat for a really long time, especially if I head straight for my warm blankets!

So as the cold season – both illness and weather – comes rolling in, indulge and bring on the bath time and the many ways to enjoy it!

  • Taylor Gallagher

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