Hot Chocolate Pour over.

My early winter/holiday snack of choice.

If you know what a classic pour over is, you can more or less understand what I am going for here. A pour over is ice cream with hot coffee poured over it – you don’t need any cream of sugar because the ice-cream does it all for you and, for an added bit of fun, I know many who spike this with alcohol of their choice (my family leans toward the cinnamon infused Fireball Whisky).

Recently, my mom bought a lite ice-cream brand (Arctic Zero) – lite in flavor and calories – to see what we all thought. While the flavors were hit or miss, I liked the vanilla-maple – it was light but well melded. And with a wonderful,  rich hot chocolate involved in the pour over – perfect.

I can be pretty sensitive to hot drinks – my mouth always needs a break after soup! – so this pour over is amazing because you can drink your hot rich hot chocolate at it cools and the ice cream melts, adding to the creaminess especially if your hot chocolate is water-based. If your proportions are right, the drink should still warm you up plenty.

I like the liter ice cream in this mix because the dessert isn’t overly rich – where you think you’ll go into a sugar crash.

Oh, and for you adult-drinkers, you can add that extra shot of alcohol to make your drink game even stronger. So drink well, drink safe, and happy holidays, all!

  • Taylor Gallagher



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