Lush for Blondes.

For my best friend and my joint birthdays, we spent the afternoon together to chat, shop and then dress up for a fancy dinner. Neither of us have ever really gone through Lush before – for me, it’s a bit expensive since I’m watching my spending but I love the natural ingredients and causes the company supports – but we stopped in since we had the time.

I’m blonde – like never dyed, sun-bathed blonde (of course, I am not saying that non-natural blondes are a separate really in needs) – and have used some blonde products before though not often. Recently, I have seen advertisements for purple shampoo which is designed to pull the brassiness out of blonde hair.

I had thought that this was really for dyed hair, (I know doing the process wrong or with cheaper products can cause a brassy tone) but talking to the salesperson, who also doesn’t dye his hair but swears by Lush’s blonding products, I am really excited to start using these products.

I purchased the purple Daddy-O shampoo and the Marilyn hair mask (the bill made my eyes pop out but I’m managing!). Since making my purchase, I’ve gotten to try the Daddy-O shampoo and it was so cool.

For the shampoo, I was told to watch out how much I used. Again, it’s expensive and a little bit goes a long way – put a little in your hand and pre-lather. The purple bubbles were so fun to work through my hair.

The mask I’m excited to use over the next few days. The salesperson told me that – despite the directions on the tub – he pushes it. He bath-caps it over night or (if he is feels like really pushing it) sits out in the sun and lets the heat work with the lemon and other ingredients. I’m not sure how much I’m going to push these, but we’ll see how I’m feeling as these storm fronts keep rolling in.

Again, I’m new to these, so no reviews on anything but I’m so excited.

  • Taylor Gallagher