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The online problem…

Recently, I’ve come to the realization that I am (slightly) a shopaholic but with severe control over the tendencies – what lingers as a side effect of this compulsion is a constant and growing ‘need’ to shop; a deep and powerful urge that’s hard to fight. While I can fight this in many cases, I have a total ‘breaking the seal’ issue where giving into one purchase, tends to bring on a wide cascade of other purchases. Which brings us to online…

On this blog, I have discussed multiple online purchases I’ve made from the Tulle Chicwish skirt in London to my beautiful white Lulu dress, but most of the time, online shopping is a scary thing to take on.

First, many times you have to have a lot of trust. You have to trust that the reviews are accurate – this can mean people fessing up to their true sizing, ie. weight and bust sizes; explaining the difference in what they though things would look like vs how it actually sits; any details that might be relevant for others looking to make the same purchase. The best I’ve found were on Lulu which had you list your best fitting dress details (ie where it is from) so that they can compare it to the dress you are looking to buy, and Rent the Runway which lets you order two sizes at once to make sure one works (the reviews are also great!) – unfortunately these are rented so you have to return it.

I rarely shop at Hollister (read: I’ve almost bought a hat here, I think?), but I like how their online information works. The site links with the store inventory which allows you to check pieces availability in stores based on color and size – if it’s not there, you can pay online and order to shore. I may be buying my gala top here so getting to try the top on in-store and then placing an order for the right color to pick up later is perfect.

Second, sometimes things that are in the store, don’t exist online. As I mentioned last week, my favorite new pants from H&M doesn’t exist online in any form but walking into the store, you can find a few versions easily. Of course, the opposite is also true: many times there are articles of clothing that are only available online. This could be online stores or just web exclusive but either way, you are faced with the same issues as I talked about in part one.

In other words, as seen in 1 and 2, sometimes shopping online works but sometimes it just doesn’t.

The third issue about shopping online is that since it’s virtual, you don’t necessarily get the satisfaction of your purchase – a problem if you get ‘cravings’ – and you don’t necessarily realize the full cost until you are dedicated. The thing you want is always at your fingers so even if you resist for a while, unless the product is sold out, eventually you’ll buy it and for many of us in the virtual world, not having to go out to the mall and interact with people makes the purchase much easier. It’s also a lot easier to create a longer and longer list of wants that we whittle down so we can say ‘well, I only bought these, even though I wanted all of this longer list’ – ie. Pintrest (a whole other problem).

Again, these are a few ramblings from a little shopaholic who has spent way to much time looking to a top for the upcoming gala.

  • Taylor Gallagher